Wood-MizerTITAN wideband sawmilling product range announced

 TITAN resaw_001  Wood-MizerTITAN wideband sawmilling product range announced


Wood-Mizer Asiais now offering a full range of high-throughputwideband sawmill equipment.

Best known as a leading supplier of thin-kerf, narrowband sawmills since the 1980s, Wood-Mizer has significantly broadened its reach into the narrowband industrial sawmill manufacturing and supply arena in the past decade, with many log processing lines operating throughout Asia.

Now Wood-Mizer has furthered their product range, and is supplying a complete range of wideband equipment solutions, due to the conclusion of an agreement with South Africa-based Multisaw Sawmills to take over thesales and manufacturing of Multisaw’s wideband sawmilling equipment.

Multisaw’s products will now be sold as Wood-Mizer TITAN. The move is set to add further momentum to Wood-Mizer’s ability to design and manufacture innovative wideband sawmillingsolutions that will broaden the corporation’s global reach in both the narrow and wide-band sawmilling arenas.

“Our narrowband range has made great strides in the last 15 years to help wood producers worldwide to cut costs and raise yields,” says Richard Vivers, president and CEO of Wood-Mizer. “But that is just one piece of a very big market that exists. TITAN products are extremely well built machines built for high-throughput industrial applications that now gives Wood-Mizer the ability to serve the needs of those customers.”

The TITAN Range

TITANwideband machines will greatly expand Wood-Mizer’s available products, which will now consist of three distinct product lines, each geared towards the specific volume and budget requirements of the end-user.

Wood-Mizer’s Orange sawmill range continues to provide sawmilling solutions for entry level through to professional sawmillers, while Wood-Mizer’s Green range will now focus on narrowbandindustrial sawmilling solutions. TITAN products areheavy-duty, and built-tough wideband sawmilling solutions for high-throughput industrial sawmilling applications.


Each TITAN productis designed to operate as standalone unit that can be used in existing sawmilling linesor form an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.

The range provides for primary and secondary log breakdown capacity across a range of log diameters varying from 100-800 mm in diameter. Blade widths on TITAN machines vary between 32 mm and 150 mm, depending on configuration.

The Titan productsincludehorizontal and vertical primary and secondary log breakdownsawmills and resaws, circular sawedgers, multirips, and material handling equipment.

TITAN Bandsaws

  • Twin vertical primary breakdown head rigs
  • Resaws

TITAN Circular saws

  • Multi-rips
  • Optimising board edgers
  • Manual edgers

Since 1990, Multisaw has been involved in the design, manufacturing and supply of sawmilling equipment to customers in Africa, Asia and Europe. Wood-Mizer’s worldwide sales and service network now will be actively involved in the sale of new TITAN installations and service. As of 2016, Wood-Mizer not only sells narrowband bandsaw blades, but also wideband sawmill blades as well, up to 150 mm wide.

Titan Multirip Titan edger IMG_5710 IMG_2443Twin Vertical Saw_TITANTitan resaw

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