Wood-Mizer releases two new board edgers

Infeed roller tableWood-Mizer releases two new board edgers

Wood-Mizer’s edger range expands with two new twin-blade board edgers.

Wood-Mizer has released two additional board edgers – the EG250 and EG350 –to form a full line of edgers that will meet the production and budget requirements of smaller workshops through to industrial timber processing companies.

Wood-Mizer boardedgers keep timber moving towards its finished form, easily integrate into existing operations and have many upgrade options available.

NEWEG250– Basic and dependable twin-blade edger

The new EG250 is a straightforward twin-blade edger, designed to be affordable and reliable with simple edging functions. For woodworking shops looking for a dependable edger, but not requiring industrial-grade productivity features, the EG250 twin-blade board edger is a new solution.

The edger is supplied with two circular sawblades, powered by an 11kW motor, or optionally a 15kW motor. One blade is fixed and the other is adjusted using a hand crank to change the edging width. The edger’s power feed system comes standard at 12 metres per minute, but a variable speed option can be added to allow from 0 to 20m per minute.

For boards that already have one straight edge, an adjustable fence allows the operator to quickly position boards for edging the second side.

 Movable operator station with electronic setworks

EG300 – Versatileindustrial-level edger and multirip

Wood-Mizer’s standard edger for many years, the EG300 combines the functions of both an edger and a multirip into one machine. Standard, the EG300 is supplied with two circular sawblades for use as an edger. One blade is fixed and the other is adjustable from the operator control console – using the electronic Setworks system to accurately pre-set the required width of the board.

Optionally, the EG300 can be fitted with up to five circular sawblades for multirip applications.

NEWEG350 – Heavy duty and high-powered twin blade edger for bigger material

The new heavy-duty EG350 edger is designed for edging boards with larger thicknesses of up to 100mm. Each 450mm cutting blade is powered individually by an 8 kW electric motor – providing lots of power for quickly processing thick hardwood slabs into finished boards.

The EG350 has a variable feed speed of 0-20 metres per minute, electric blade adjustment, and optional board alignment lasers and Setworks for saving pre-set thicknesses.

Side-by-side specifications: