Wood-Mizer releases two new Bi-Metal bandsaw blades for Asian Hardwoods


Wood-Mizer has introduced two new aggressive and long-lasting bi-metal blades specifically designed for sawmillers in Asia.

Turbo 7 BiMETAL Bandsaw Blade

The aggressive Turbo 7 blade profile in the high-performance Wood-Mizer Bi-Metal blade product line. Currently in use in Myanmar to cut rosewood andpyinkado.

With increased air flow and higher tooth penetration while sawing hardwoods, the Turbo 7 degree profile has received positive reports from high production, high horsepower, and high feed rate sawmilling operations throughout the world since its introduction in 2013.  The Bi-Metal blade product line now offers the Turbo 7 profile for a higher cut quality, faster feed rate, and longer-lasting blade especially when cutting abrasive, exotic, or frozen wood species. Due to the high-alloy backing material and hardened tooth tip, Bi-Metal blades offer a combination of durability and fatigue resistance, enabling a sharp life that is up to 3 times longer than carbon blades.

“While Wood-Mizer is the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, we also have a commitment to provide a variety of high-quality bandsaw blades to the market,” said John Storm, Wood-Mizer Blades Manager. “The Bi-Metal Turbo 7 blade is our latest addition in our extensive blade lineup and is ideal for sawing exotic hardwoods in a production sawmilling operation.”

The Wood-Mizer Bi-Metal Turbo 7 blade is now available to order in 1.07 mm x 32 mm Profile 7/39 in a variety of lengths.

BiMETAL Extreme

Wood-Mizer’sBiMetal blade for cutting wood is designed for high performance in industrial production environments.

The high-alloy backing material of the BiMetal blades offers a combination of durability and fatigue resistance, resulting in longer sharp life than MaxFlex or DoubleHard, especially when cutting harder, more abrasive wood species.

The new BiMETAL Extreme blade offers even longer runtimes before the blade needs to be changed. The BiMETAL Extreme blade is even more flexible, and provides sawmillers with more efficiency when cutting in production environments and with hard tropical logs.

Contact info@woodmizerasia.com to order. Offering more than 60 basic blade profiles, Wood-Mizer makes blades for any type of sawing application from softwoods to hardwoods.