Wave Murano Glass: The Origins_The Usual Creative TREND


Wave Murano Glass’ story is a short one but especially the proof that a sudden, real, proper and refreshing wind can rise and create something new, even in the way too quiet Venetian lagoon.

The Wave Murano glass industry is definitely one of these trends.

Born in 2017 from a small group of brave innovators, the entity wanted to point out its philosophy focused on research, movement and change by choosing the name Wave Murano Glass for a new artistic glass production company.

But is it still possible to innovate, change and research in the Murano glass environment, where everything seems to have been already explored?


The answer is given by Roberto Beltrami, very young glass master and leader of that experiment: “I studied physics in Boston where I moved in order to deal with my research desire in depth. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed to test myself with any type of material. I was a curious and “dangerous” child as I liked to try any kind of experiment. I’ve always loved manual work. That’s why, simultaneously with my physics studies, I grew a particular interest for materials. From that period was born a total devotion to glass and a new vocation … which put me on the road to Murano!”.  

wave-murano-glass_acquario wave-murano-glass_spike-2 wave-murano-glass_twirl

Roberto Beltrami, who was not born on the island, left Boston and a promising career in physics. He decided to humbly introduce himself to honourable masters who perpetuate one of the greatest Italian market symbol in the world in order to “learn the art”. Roberto studied, learnt and trained being on some of the best glass master’s side like Pino Signoretto, Oscar Zanetti and Paolo Crepax. He learnt so quickly and well that in 2015, he became the first under-30 master being able to teach in the prestigious glassworker school of Abate Zanetti in Murano.

The ideas Roberto Beltrami had in mind didn’t wait too long to emerge. They combined

an increasing and skilful technique with a surprising and precious theoretical knowledge of the material and its processes. It became necessary for Roberto Beltrami to get his own space so his ideas could express themselves. That’s how, at the beginning of 2017, Wave Murano Glass was born, built to become a laboratory of experiment, research, creativity and production in order to renew centuries-old techniques and work methods.

Courage, skill, ambition and technique are essentials to start a new chapter of the Murano story. The same story is already filled with glass master, designers and lighting business owners but have a weakness for being anchored in his own convictions and sanctified productive methods. Today, Wave Murano Glass tries, with knowledge and consideration, to rewrite an old story but a new one at the same time.

Wave Murano Glass

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