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PEFC: 'Demonstrating the legality and sustainabili...

PEFC: ‘Demonstrating the legality and sustainability of tropical hardwood is a must’

“We are entering a new age for timber, a new industrial revolution for timber,” said Peter Latham, Chairman of PEFC international, speaking today at the first Malaysian Timber Conference. This isn’t just a climate-positive story of using a renewable crop, a crop that can still lock in the carbon when at the end of its use;

STREAM AK: Generasi terbaru Edge Banding dari Bi...

STREAM  AK:  Generasi terbaru Edge Banding dari Biesse

Kecepatan Stream AK lebih optimal dibanding mesin Edging pada umumnya. Dengan speed 20 sd 25 meter per menit dan jarak gap antar panel 350 mm , menghasilkan “output” produksi yg lebih tinggi. Stream AK sangat cocok untuk bahan edging kertas (sesuai standard Jepang), agar tidak ada cacat di sisi tebal edging kertas sewaktu proses ‘end-cutting’.

CabinetVision: Suitable for all CNC machines...

CabinetVision: Suitable for all CNC machines…

Menurut Graham Rutter, Software Cabinet Vision cocok dan dapat diaplikasikan pada hampir semua mesin CNC, Saws, Points to points, dan Nesting machines khusus furnitur panel dan kabinet.

WoodMizer luncurkan HR250 Resaw

WoodMizer luncurkan HR250 Resaw

Dalam pameran Ifmac 2018 di Jiexpo, WoodMizer menampilkan HR250, Twin Horizontal Band Resaw. Produk baru ini pertama kali diperkenalkan  melalui Ifmac show 2018. Produk Resaw ini lebih diperuntukan pasar furniture & industry pallet.

Wood-Mizer releases two new affordable and durable...

Wood-Mizer releases two new affordable and durable sawmills

The LT15 POWER and LT15 START are now available to meet low-investment requirements from Asian sawmillers who want to boost yields, lower costs, and have dependable and durable sawmill machinery. LT15 POWER – Simple, affordable, and sturdy The LT15 POWER is an extra rigidly-constructed sawmill with a new heavy-duty bed system. This sawmill is designed

Tombolo by Victoria+Albert

Tombolo by Victoria+Albert

Victoria + Albert’s Tombolo in Oak on ios freestanding tub   The Tombolo is a minimalist contemporary bath rack made from multiple, durable layers of FSC certified European-sourced hardwood. Finished in either hardwearing light oak, walnut laminate or white laminate, the Tombolo is both a stylish and practical product suitable for a wet bathroom environment.

Informative Forums in WMF 2018 Widely Covers Hot I...

Informative Forums in WMF 2018 Widely Covers Hot Industry Topics

Consumers’ demand and preferences of furniture keep changing over the remarkable development of internet.Peoplesurf the web to look for more information andcomments fromother usersandopinion leaders before makingpurchasing decisions. Custom furniture, personalized design and premium products are receiving increased attention. Instead ofproducing standardized products,manufactures need toacquire up-to-the-minute market trends and technologyin order to equip themselves formeeting

Innovative and Automated Wood Working Technologies...

Innovative and Automated Wood Working Technologies in WMF 2018

Wood has been used in furniture making and architecture for a long period. A new breed of highly sophisticated timber products and leading-edge technologies has ushered in a new era for timber. Wooden products are now more premium and customized. In addition, policies of energy saving are tightened in many places. Consumers require higher standards



Platform Terbaru dan Terdepan bagi Perkembangan Industri Hospitality (Furniture, Craft, Interior Design & Hotel Supply) di Indonesia. JIFFINA Internasional Perkasa akan menggelar pameran SAEXPO STOCK SALES 2018, yang ditargetkan sebagai pameran terbaru dan terdepan bagi perkembangan industri hospitality (furniture, craft, interior design dan hotel supply) di Indonesia. Pameran ini penekananya lebih kepada penjualan stock meuble

Emerging Machining Trends and Simplified Service D...

Emerging Machining Trends and Simplified Service Demo Delivered at Inside Biesse Group Asia

Kuala Lumpur, 29 June 2018–Inside Biesse Group Asia, a bi-annual open house that takes place the group’s Kuala Lumpur campus marked a new record of welcoming more than 110 companies from countries in Asia. “Inside Biesse Group Asia is an event that creates opportunities for interactions,” said Daniele Campetella, Managing Director of Biesse Group Asia.