Indonesia WoodShow 2013

Indonesia Woodshow 2013

Indonesia WoodShow 2013

Promising start for wood working and wood machinery exhibition in Indonesia.

Until today in Indonesia was not a real exhibition for wood working and wood machinery. Now with a promising start of WoodShow in Indonesia the organizers and ASMINDO have made a statement that there is a need for a meeting place like this for manufacturers of furniture to meet with potential suppliers for their business process. In return exhibitors in WoodShow get lots of positive response of IFFINA’s visitors.

IFFINA is International furniture and craft exhibition which for the 6th edition this year already attracted more than 4.000 buyers, with the majority are foreign companies. WoodShow is held in conjunction with IFFINA with the full support of the Indonesian furniture association ASMINDO.

The success of IFFINA has already proven to be very fruitful for many exhibitors of WoodShow. Some exhibitors told us they got more response from buyers visiting WoodShow, compared to exhibitors of IFFINA. Therein lays the challenge and the opportunity for all exhibitors in IFFINA and other furniture manufacturers in Indonesia and South East Asia in general to visit the WoodShow. The potential is high, as with the shown interest in the first three days of the event.

Edging Master Manufacturing stated that they are glad to be part of the first edition of WoodShow. Their focus market is for factories that make laminated furniture and use veneer for their products. For example Edging Master Manufacturing matches perfectly with BIESSE Indonesia who has a large display in the show, with many high quality equipment, one of these machines on display is able to perfectly apply edge banding to MDF and other surfaces.

Among the companies who have reported a high interest from buyers areSeahan, PT.Hasta Perkasa Graha, Edging Master Manufacturing and Linyi LeadTop Machinery Co.,LTD.

BIESSE Indonesia and Kin Jui Wen Co., LTD have been able to secure orders for their machinery during the show with an estimated value of more than 200.000 USD.

“Indonesia WoodShow has been good for us. We had many visitors passing by, showing their serious interest and we will be busy following up on them for continuing our business, ” sayCathy Law, Marketing Manager from Edging Master Manufacturing.

“This first edition so far has given us a few contacts to follow up, mostly foreign buyers who are interested in our machines, which are unique in Indonesia,”say Claus Pedersen, Managing Director from Dan-List. Dedicated partners with PT Hasta Perkasa Graha.

Among the very satisfied exhibitors are Seahan and BIESSE Indonesia, together with PT Hasta Perkasa Graha. They already have shown their intention to be present during next year Indonesia WoodShow.

“For sure we will be attending next year again in Indonesia WoodShow. Indonesia has a high potential for us, and we get a high interest. We are very happy attending in the WoodShow. The fact that this is the first time does not seem to be a problem for us.”
“Competition for our products is very limited. Our screws, bolts and hinges are from a unique quality which visitors have told us they are in need of, ” say S. I. Jung, President of Saehan Electronics Co. , LTD

During Indonesia WoodShow Seahan and Royal Shine International have the intention to sign an MOU to confirm their collaboration, this in order to be able to supply the Indonesian market as good as possible.

Also PT.Hasta Perkasa Grahais happy with the attention from local companies in Indonesia. Hasta has a unique product that matches very well with markets like Indonesia. The interest is very high in their manual operated cutting machines. These machines are excellent for cabinet makers, frame makers and other manufacturers of products that need to be cut at 450(or 900)angle. Main benefit is that their equipment is fully manually operated, no need for any power or compressor. The maintenance needs and expenses are low, while still providing perfect cutting.

The response from visitors for both IFFINA and WoodShow is positive and confirms what ASMINDO and other related associations and companies already thought. “Together Indonesia WoodShow and IFFINA are perfect symbioses where two related industries meet and give a complete solution for buyers and manufacturers of furniture and other wood products. “

For those who have not visited Indonesia WoodShow yet, don’t miss out. Hall G, open space, Jakarta International Expo.