House Boat by Simone Micheli



It is called House Boat the new and elegant apartment designed by the architect SimoneMicheli in the beautiful setting of Puntaldìa, in Sardinia.

Inspired by the ideal of boat life, House Boat redefines the concept of luxury: ostentation and opulence leave room for a contemporary reinterpretation of the relationship between man, space and time. In this case, attention to detail and optimization are at the forefront. The result is a modular and extremely elegant space in which luxury merges with design, perfectly satisfying today’s aesthetic and residential needs.

Boffetto could therefore not be missing among the project partners. As a matter of fact,thanks to the combination of craftsmanship and innovation, the company has long been a point of reference in many of the architect’s realizations.puntaldia-011-rev

To furnish the living space and the kitchen area are the two coffee tables of Sconnessi line and the “S” floor lamp of Il Letterario collection, both designed by Simone Micheli. These furnishings perfectlyfitin the context of the House Boat, demonstrating the ability of Boffetto to be the idealassociate to experiment with a high-level creativity, strictly linked to the trends and demands of the contemporary market.

The two coffee tables of Sconnessi line, designed to furnish the set of the homonymous film, are characterized by afull structure in white Solid Surface with a satin stainless-steel and other parts in white solid surface with a more high-tech and futuristic aspect.

The essential forms of the “S” floor lamp, still in white solid surface, leave room for imagination and the pleasure of creating, in any environment, a story of real life capable of best reflecting the inner soul of who lives in it.


The roots of all Boffetto collections are always a dialogue between shapes, a puzzle of characteristic elements which come back, differently developed, in every piece. The choice of Solid Surface as “predominant material” allows freedom of creation and limitless opportunity of compositionthat make each product unique in its kind.