Eurotech presents its new, compact version of the eT-Hover-allround at glasstec

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When space is (not) an issue

Eurotech presents its new, compact version of the eT-Hover-allround at glasstec

Vacuum specialist Eurotech will be presenting its standardised, customer-specific vacuum handling solutions at glasstec, the world’s leading trade fair for glass manufacturing and processing, from 20 to 23 September 2016. This year, two lifting devices from the eT-Hover series constitute the focus of the trade show, alongside an extensive range of single-source vacuum components. The eT-Hover-allround is a true multi-talent and allows for horizontal and vertical lifting, pivoting, rotating through 360 degrees and combined movements. Visitors to stall F12 in hall 10 will have a chance to test these functions extensively. They will further get to discover the eT-Hover-univac, which can cope with loads up to 700 kg, at the Eurotech stall.


As one of its many exciting innovations, Eurotech will be presenting its new vacuum suction plates, BLSP 240 L and BLSP 290 L, at glasstec this year. The plates have a large contact area, which improves their holding power during vertical glass handling significantly. The new L series of suction plates was created to complement existing suction plate seals with a similar geometry, effectively expanding the product portfolio. Visitors to the fair can look forward to other highlights, too. The Eurotech stall will boast new, tailor-made solutions for the glass industry, such as the compact variety of the eT-Hover-allround. This lifting device is a versatile, handy and adaptable tool. Thanks to its modular design, the basic version can be converted individually and flexibly to fulfil a wide range of handling tasks. The compact variety has been developed in order to make the eT-Hover-allround conveniently usable in small spaces. It is fitted with a shortened, modified operating handle. This allows customers to save enormous amounts of space in restricted working areas.

Despite the external modification, the properties of the eT-Hover-allround remain the same. With a relatively low own weight, it can move loads weighing up to 500 kg. Vacuum-sealed loads such as glass panels, metal sheets or plastic or wood panels can be handled in many different ways. The eT-Hover-allround is fitted with a 2-circuit system and also available as a battery-powered tool for building areas. Of course, we continue to offer the lifting device in combination with its ergonomically designed operating unit, which allows you to control all movements in a precise and intuitive manner.

Additional expansion modules are available for the eT-Hover-univac lifting device. Its maximal carrying capacity can be increased to 700 kg by attaching extension arms and four additional suction cups, whose vacuum hoses are simply docked onto the existing suctions cups. In its compact standard version with four suction plates, the device can lift 360 kg vertically and 500 kg horizontally. The vacuum lifting device by Eurotech is designed in accordance with the DIN EN 13155 standard as an attachment for crane and lifting equipment. It is suitable for lifting and moving large-surface loads made of glass, wood, stone, metal or plastic.

All operating elements are integrated into the device. Its scope of application is expanded further by an optional remote-control function: the suction and rapid ventilation functions can be controlled wirelessly. This increases safety during work on ladders and scaffolds, facilitates handling, and saves the need for an additional worker in many cases. The battery-powered lifting device for building areas is also available as an indoor version.

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Eurotech offers handling and transport solutions in the field of vacuum technology. The company develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. Thanks to the Eurotech modular construction system, the components can be flexibly adjusted to meet individual customer requirements and spare parts can be installed in a quick and cost-saving manner.



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eT-Hover-univac mit Verlängerungsarmen im Einsatz

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eT-Hover-allround comparison: normal vs. shortened operating handle

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New suction plate series BLSP L

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